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What is the difference between EZ TAG and TxTag?

EZ TAG and TxTag are both electronic toll collection systems used in Texas, but they are managed by different agencies and have distinct coverage areas. EZ TAG is operated by the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) and primarily serves the Houston metropolitan area (but is also accepted on all Texas toll roads). TxTag is managed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and is used on toll roads and lanes across the entire state of Texas, making it a more comprehensive and statewide toll collection system.

Can I pay TxTag with EZ TAG?

Yes, you can pay TxTag with EZ Tag because EZ Tag does work accross the state of Texas. You can also pay EZ Tag with TxTag. If you go through an EZ Tag only sign toll TxTag can still pay the toll.

Is TxTag a toll tag?

Yes, TxTag is a toll tag used for electronic toll collection on highways and toll roads in the state of Texas. TxTag allows motorists to pass through toll booths without stopping, as tolls are automatically deducted from their prepaid accounts. It is one of the electronic toll collection systems used in Texas, alongside other systems like EZ TAG (used in the Houston area) and NTTA TollTag (used in North Texas), and it can be used on various toll roads and lanes across the state.

Do I need a TxTag or EZ TAG?

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter if you have either a TxTag or EZ Tag because both of them work throughout the state of Texas.

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